What Benefits Can You Expect as a Member?

Individualized Programs that Fit

As a Member-focused organization, we at GFD take pride in offering exceptional support. Our goal is to help you grow your business and serve your community with a range of tools, coaching, training, and services.

We know that by managing your pre-need and care and maintenance programs effectively, you have the potential to grow your business and make a positive impact in your community. That’s why we work closely with our Members to conduct comprehensive individualized programs to fit every budget.


GFD Members can enhance their skills through various training events such as seminars, workshops, and interactive education sessions. Our training programs equip Members and their staff with the necessary tools to achieve better results. Additionally, we provide support to our Members in navigating their regulatory and administrative requirements, helping them to stay compliant and focused on their goals.

Creative Marketing Support

We provide our Members a range of promotional materials to increase their visibility and educate their local communities. Our creative marketing support includes brochures for preplanning and funding products, guides for planning and aftercare, promotional materials for seminars and direct mail campaigns, as well as customizable advertising templates and social media content.

Accurate Information and Reporting

At GFD, we understand the importance of compliance and accurate reporting in the bereavement sector. We work closely with provincial regulators to ensure that all our administration and reporting processes are sector compliant. This includes our proprietary pre-need administration platform, featuring on-demand reporting.